Association of Women Faculty

Association of Women Faculty (AWF)

The Association of Women Faculty (AWF) of the Washington University Danforth Campus was established in 1995 both to promote professional and social interactions among women faculty and to advocate for the interests of women faculty at W.U. 

AWF seeks to fulfill these goals by soliciting and sharing information relevant to women faculty. AWF has:

  • Sponsored annual University-wide lectures by prominent figures in academia whose work speaks to the interests of women faculty
  • Hosted talks and discussions exploring various topics of concern to women faculty and publicized the research projects of women faculty
  • Hosted dinners and other gatherings to promote information sharing and social interactions among women faculty of all ranks
  • Published a newsletter The AWF News each year
  • Helped to facilitate the establishment of a social networking website for W.U. parents
  • Persuaded the University to establish a committee of the Faculty Senate to examine closely child and elder care issues
  • Convinced the Senate Council to establish a committee to develop a more consistent and flexible family leave policy for the whole Danforth Campus
  • Helped shape new initiatives to increase the recruitment and retention of women faculty

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