Chancellor's Wives


The chancellors’ wives have been an integral part of the Woman’s Club from the very beginning.  Helen Houston (Chancellor David Franklin Houston’s wife) was a member of the committee that organized the Club in 1910 and was appointed President (an honorary title). Esther Throop (Chancellor George R. Throop’s wife) entertained other Club members in the gardens of the Chancellor’s residence.

Betty Compton (Chancellor Arthur Holly Compton’s wife),  Sophie Shepley (Chancellor Ethan A.H. Shepley’s wife), and  Irene Tolman (Chancellor Carol Tolman’s wife) were also active members of the Club, and all hosted teas at the Chancellor’s residence. 

Lois Eliot (Chancellor Thomas H. Eliot’s wife) was particularly involved with the Newcomers Section and hosted teas. Elizabeth Gray Danforth (Chancellor William H. Danforth’s wife) loved being a part of the Club and participated in many Club activities.  The Club members even dedicated a garden in her honor – the Elizabeth Gray Danforth Butterfly Garden.

Risa Zwerling Wrighton (Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton’s wife) currently enjoys the Club.  She has hosted Welcome Luncheons at the Chancellor’s residence.